Andy and Chloe are blindsided when they respond to a routine 911 call and an unseen shooter gravely wounds Chloe. After shots are fired at a subsequent emergency call, the officers realize they are the targets of someone with a grudge against 15 Division. Now they must continue to serve and protect the community while in the line of fire and hopefully figure out who is hunting them before anyone else gets hurt. When Andy figures out that the shooter is Kevin Ford from the previous episode, the suspect that Marlo had been stalking in her manic state, Andy has a sinking feeling: her transgression in helping Swarek cover for Marlo’s actions may have come back to bite them all. Swarek and Andy realize that off duty Marlo might also be in trouble and head off to find her before Ford can. Andy and Swarek find Marlo safe but Oliver’s arrival at Marlo’s house brings him face to face with Kevin Ford. 2013 Rookie Blue Four Inc