Andy McNally is trying to make the most of her suspension from 15 Division. In fact, she’s on vacation — 15,000 feet above the earth, parachute strapped to her back, about to jump out of a plane — when she gets a call telling her to come back for her Tribunal. At 15 Division, Andy’s real life comes flooding back when she reunites with her friends, and meets her possible new replacement — new rookie, Nick Collins, who’s not only ex-military, but also Gail’s ex-fiancé. Tensions rise when Andy comes face to face with Sam Swarek— whom she left three months ago without a word. But before Andy can explain her reasons for leaving Sam, they’re involved in a serious highway collision. In the messy aftermath of a brutal 4-car pileup — and right before a van full of chemicals catches on fire — Andy saves a young girl hiding in the back of the van. Things get even messier when the girl disappears from the chaos of the scene.