It’s been one month since Ted McDonald’s death, the evidence room bombing, and the revelation of Marlo’s pregnancy (Ep. 11). After a blissful and well-deserved few weeks away at Oliver’s cabin, Andy and Sam return home renewed and ready to dig in. But on her first night back, Andy is attacked by an intruder at Traci’s house. Andy leaps into action and fights off the attacker; but her shock at the situation compels her to launch her own investigation into what happened. After uncovering similar attacks in her neighborhood – young women, alone, in apartments with open windows to the hot summer night – Andy and the officers of 15 Division will have to fight the Sex Crimes Unit on how to proceed, in order to protect the vulnerable and do the right thing. Meanwhile, after learning of Marlo’s pregnancy, Sam will have to figure out how to tell Andy the devastating news and brace himself for her reaction.