The Sanctuary team is on the trail of an Abnormal fugitive, when their quarry is unexpectedly scooped up by a bunch of well-armed operatives from Homeland Security’s Specified Counter Insurgency Unit (SCIU), a new agency dedicated to tracking and restraining Hollow Earth Abnormals. But what seems like a failed operation is actually a sting, a Trojan Horse to track down SCIU’s hidden detention facility. Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) follow the trail, only to discover that the Director of SCIU’s secret research lab is none other than Nikola Tesla (JONATHON YOUNG). Their favorite vampire has been recruited by panicked bureaucrats desperate for anyone with Abnormal expertise, and he’s only too happy to take government money to fund his own research. Tesla tries to have Magnus and Henry hustled out, but before they get far, they discover there are bigger problems at the lab…in the form of a mysterious creature that is stalking the terrified staff.