Andy McNally, post breakup and intent on getting on with her life, is dashed to learn that she didn’t make the cut for Luke Callaghan’s high-profile taskforce due to her very public, private life. When a prison transfer goes awry and the convict flees custody, the officers of 15 Division are troubled to learn that it’s John Grey, the pedophile they apprehended earlier in the year. Determined to catch him before anyone gets hurt, Andy and Dov soon determine that Grey is trying to find the same young girl he was holding captive when they arrested him. But when their investigation leads them to the office of the girl’s psychotherapist, they discover that a desperate Grey has abducted a different girl. As the officers track him to a nearby hotel, Andy finds herself in a standoff to save the terrified girl whose hands have been taped to a live grenade. And when Sam Swarek comes to Andy’s rescue, he’s finally prompted to reveal his true feelings, forcing Andy to choose between her professional and personal life. Meanwhile, Chris’ family obligations have him contemplating a transfer to another division and Traci and Gail each face the biggest decisions of their respective careers.