Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), Henry (RYAN ROBBINS), and Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) are startled by an intruder alarm coming from the roof of the Sanctuary. As they rush to the top floor, they discover Bruno (ADAM GREYDON REID) and Sheila (CAROLINE CAVE), a bickering but charming couple of flying Abnormals, who are well known to the Sanctuary for their tall tales. Having landed rather clumsily atop the Sanctuary, Magnus questions their unexpected drop-in. They claim to need some medical help because Sheila is injured, but after Magnus notes that her wounds are suspiciously superficial, they admit they need the Sanctuary’s help for other reasons. Magnus reluctantly agrees to a limited partnership, knowing very well that this pair has a tendency to be working an angle. As Bruno and Sheila unravel the details of their situation, their story becomes more and more far-fetched.