Jimmy Laszlo has discovered Grace’s true identity. While pleading for her life, Grace convinces Jimmy that there’s a traitor in his own organization, and it’s tied to her son’s death. Jimmy investigates Grace’s claims and confirms she’s telling the truth about Sam. Jimmy discovers millions are missing from his accounts. Uncertain about his crew, Jimmy tightens ship. After Lieutenant Hernandez discovers Grace is back undercover without authorization, Grace faces an internal affairs review board for her conduct. Alec, believing Clay Street is moving against them, orders retaliation by firebombing one of their restaurants. Jimmy’s youngest son, Max, gets out of jail. Grace confides in Mitch that Jimmy’s discovered her real identity. He warns her to get out while she can. After having promised to make her daughter, Evie, dinner, Grace is summoned to Jimmy’s house for a party. She is unable to refuse. At Max’s welcome home party, Jimmy and Grace make a deal to work together.