Two people can meet anywhere, and when Akash and Kiara meet, it is in a very unusual situation…one that sends the two strangers down a path of discovery, ridden with the exquisite pain and joy of falling in love, though neither seems to realize it. Determined to fulfill their last wishes, they begin a bi-coastal road trip that results in a series of hilarious misadventures, until life interrupts and painful choices must be made. The strangers part ways, still strangers, writing off their time together as a brief, insane interlude which ended as they returned to their normal lives. But something is changed in each of them…something that makes them wonder if perhaps their brief time together was the new beginning they weren’t expecting. Follow Akash and Kiara in this funny and poignant journey, where two strangers stumble upon all the things that are worth living for…and are changed forever.