After convincing Swarek to return undercover, Detective Donovan Boyd’s back in 15 Division. This time he’s choosing three rookies for a top-secret undercover training exercise: Dov, Andy and Traci are given one night to complete their tasks and return safely to 15 Division. But when Andy and Traci run into Swarek (also on his own undercover operation), they must navigate their personas very carefully in order not to blow his cover. And when they come upon a young woman who is overdosing on drugs, the two rookies must risk blowing their own covers in order to save her life. Meanwhile Dov runs into Jeremy, a drug dealer and an old friend of his dead brother. As Dov angles to gain Jeremy’s trust, he is forced to choose between betraying his old acquaintance and passing the undercover training exercise. Meanwhile, back at the barn, Chris pushes a bullied teen to stand up for himself — and finds that the consequences are not what he bargained for.