Back at her apartment, while cleaning up from the fight with Max, Jimmy surprises Grace – he’s drunk and depressed – he’s ruined everything. The next morning, Jimmy is called down to the docks – they’ve found a burnt body, which he fears may belong one of his sons. Meanwhile, Grace’s Internal Affairs review has concluded and she’s been cleared to resume duty. At the police morgue, Jimmy asks Hernandez if he can see the body found at the docks. Jimmy’s suspicions are confirmed when he identifies a charred wristwatch removed from the body – it belongs to one of his sons, but he doesn’t know which one. Grace tries to comfort Jimmy. Mitch tells Grace her fingerprints turn up on a gun found at the murder scene on the docks and there is an APB out of her arrest. Grace is arrested in front of Tom and Evie. 2013 Undercover Rogue Productions Inc. and Greenroom Rogue Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2014 Entertainment One Films Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Entertainment One.